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All About Tracy... Tracy Whitaker

Tracy was born into a large family in Sarasota, Florida. She is the fifth of seven children and by far the most outspoken of them all.

Confronted with violent confrontations that she could no longer endure, Tracy left home at an early age. In spite of this, Tracy earned her high school diploma by attending school then working the remainder of the day to support herself.

After relocating to Atlanta with her two year old daughter and surrendering her life to Christ, Tracy pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Education then eventually married Calvin Whitaker (1996). Since then, she has taught in elementary, middle, and high schools.

In 2002, Tracy published her first book, The Truth Behind The Walls." Since then she has served as a special guest & speaker on radio, television, and at community events. Her primary focus is to reach our nation's families. By educating them through her testimonial autobiography, she encourages mothers, fathers, and children to live their lives without violence.

In her personal life, Tracy enjoys being a mother to Danielle and Sesaleigh, and a wife to Calvin.

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